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Monthly Archive October, 2006

Rescue Laser Flare Records Another Save

I received the email below from Jim O’Meara at Greatland Laser who invented and manufactures the Rescue Laser Flare distress signaling devices. While it’s a business, like many of us Jim got into this business to save lives, so an email like this is the sort of thing that makes it all worthwhile:
(An old ETS [...]

Doug Presenting at Copperstate EAA Fly-In

I have been asked to present “Equipped Yourself To Survive – Survival Gear for Pilots” at the Copperstate EAA Fly-In on Friday, October 27, 2006, at 10:00 AM. I’ll be in Tent #5 (if things go as planned – note their schedule has not been updated as of this post). This year’s Copperstate is being [...]

Doug’s AOPA Expo Seminars Could Save Your Life

I will present three seminars at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs that could save your life some day. I am also offering over $4,600 worth of the very best survival gear as door prizes from sponsors to make these seminars even more enticing, because my goal is for all pilots to be “equipped to survive.”
I [...]

A Bush Pilot’s Survival Knife to AVOID!

Just opened up the latest Sporty’s catalog to see them selling a hollow handled “Bush Pilot’s Survival Knife” (October 2006, page 58). I know a lot of pilots think highly of Sporty’s and thus might be tempted to purchase simply because it is in the Sporty’s catalog, so I thought it best [...]