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Monthly Archive March, 2007

Foodsaver Sucks, Not Vacuum We’re Talking About

A lot of us involved in the outdoors and survival have for years used Foodsaver home vacuum packaging equipment. There are lots of advantages to vacuum packaging your supplies and gear including reduced volume, protects the contents, longer shelf life, and more. It was not cheap and the special bags and bulk [...]

Survival, Inc. Reborn as Ultimate Survival Technologies

Chris Venti, with a management background from General Electric, has purchased the assets of Survival, Incorporated, maker of the StarFlash signal mirror, BlastMatch and StrikeForce firestarters, WetFire Tinder and SaberCut Saw, among others. These were also marketed to civilians under the Ultimate Survival brand. The new company is called Ultimate Survival Technologies. Financial backing [...]

How About Stay Out Of The !@#%&* Woods…?

Seems like I touched a raw nerve during my interview on The Ten Essentials (see my previous blog entry). On the ETS Survival Forum a few folks have taken issue with my assertion that because so few people know how to use a map and compass today, they would do better to include a [...]

A Look at “The Ten Essentials”

Steve Sergeant, Producer and Host of The WildeBeat recently interviewed me for a show on the subject of “The Ten Essentials.” Here’s his introduction and links to the show:
Since it’s mysterious introduction by the Mountaineers early in the twentieth century, the 10 Essentials have been the list that everyone should know, and few [...]

Bruce Schneier on Risk Assessment

While I don’t always agree 100% with everything Bruce Schneier (author of “Beyond Fear”) writes, I have a lot of respect for him and nobody I know gets it right more often than he does when it comes to security issues. Much of what he does also touches on other issues we deal with [...]