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Monthly Archive November, 2006

Exploding Lithium Flashlight Batteries?

I was answering questions from the audience during my recent AOPA Expo seminar, “Equipping Yourself to Survive – Personal Survival Gear for Pilots” when I was asked about exploding lithium batteries in view of my point that I recommend non-rechargeable lithium batteries over alkaline in survival gear like flashlights. I recommend them because they have [...]

SHOT Show 2007 – We Need Your Help!

Equipped To Survive coverage of SHOT Show, with our focus on the latest Knives, Flashlights and interesting new Gear, has been one of our most popular efforts (see last year’s report), generates a lot of traffic for ETS and we often scoop everyone else with our timely coverage. This year SHOT Show is in [...]

Homeland Security Launches New Emergency Planning Ads

The following Media Release was issued about a new series of Public Service Advertisements promoting Family Emergency Planning. That’s a good thing that I can support as the majority in this nation are still ill-prepared for any widespread emergency situation, natural or man-made.
You’ll find the new PSA’s here
Homeland Security Launches New Ads to Demonstrate [...]

Whatever Happened to…?

I often have the opportunity to interview survivors, but usually that’s the end of it. Every once in a while, however, I do hear from one of them and it’s always interesting. Back in 2002 at the Rotor & Wing Emergency Response Conference I interviewed a 55-year old grandmother, Sharon Zambrzycki, who had [...]