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What Happened to the SATRO PLB from DME?

NOTE: DME has withdrawn the SATRO PLB from the market. Click here for the final judgement in this lawsuit.
I have been getting a number of inquires about Astronics DME Corporation’s SATRO PLB-110 “world’s smallest and lightest” PLB that we first wrote about back in December of last year (2011). Besides being small, one [...]

BriarTek Patent Claims Pressure Popular 2-Way Distress Beacon Manufacturers

Updated December 17, 2012: At the RTCM Board of Directors meeting last week, BriarTek delivered a letter stating that their patent was “not essential” and that it was possible to build a two-way SEND to the SC-128 standard without violating their patent. Discussion ensued and it was noted that in the opinion of at least [...]

They Keep Shrinking: Smaller & Lighter PLB From DME

(Click images for higher resolution photos)

NOTE: DME has withdrawn this PLB from the market. Click here for the full story about why you cannot buy this PLB
A new entrant in the PLB wars is claiming to be the world’s smallest and lightest Personal Locator Beacon, eclipsing the current record holder in this regard, the [...]

Goodrich Buys Winslow

Press Release below. I admit to having mixed feelings about this. Winslow (my top recommended life raft manufacturer) was going to be sold, that was never a question since it was bought by vulture capitalists, and a sale to someone has been in the works for some time now. The good news, [...]

SEND Standard Approved by RTCM – Is COSPAS-SARSAT On Endangered List?

Three years ago at the RTCM Annual Meeting I made a controversial presentation titled, “What Price Your Life? Distress Alerting as a Commercial Service” You can read about that and review the presentation at: http://www.equipped.org/blog/?p=82
This presentation resulted in an invitation to give the presentation at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C. I was [...]

Spot Recalls SPOT Satellite Communicator

Spot LLC has issued a product recall on the SPOT Satellite Communicator which is bundled and sold exclusively with the DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w. This comes just over a year after Spot had to recall its then recently introduced second generation SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, or what is now known as SPOT 2. And, as [...]

Sneak Peek – ACR ResQLink PLB – Smallest PLB Yet

UPDATE: July 21, 2011: FCC approval granted, now available for purchase.
(3D CAD images provided by ACR – click for higher resolution images – the images are an accurate representation of the new PLB I examined.)
It’s been a long time coming, but I just got a firsthand look at ACR Electronics’ answer to the popular [...]

Reworked SPOT 2 Received

(Click on images for higher-resolution photos)
(Updated 03/03/2010) While I was away this weekend the replacement for my recalled SPOT 2 arrived, as promised. This morning I unpacked the padded envelope and found a few surprises. Besides the reworked SPOT with a “You’re good to GO!” sticker on it (more on that shortly), there was [...]

Recalled SPOT Owners get Additonal 2 Months Service

(Replacement SPOT 2 received. Check it out here.)
Today I received notice that the replacement for my recalled SPOT 2 has shipped and was happy to see that they are offering those whose SPOT 2s were recalled an additional two months of service beyond the one added month originally announced. I had thought the original [...]

SPOT 2 Replacement Units Shipping

(Replacement SPOT 2 received. Check it out here.)
I received the following email this evening from SPOT regarding the replacement SPOT 2 units for those recalled previously. (Read about the recall of SPOT 2 here.) If you own a second generation SPOT and have not checked to see if your unit is subject [...]