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Doug Presenting at Copperstate EAA Fly-In

Copperstate EAA Fly-In 2006I have been asked to present “Equipped Yourself To Survive – Survival Gear for Pilots” at the Copperstate EAA Fly-In on Friday, October 27, 2006, at 10:00 AM. I’ll be in Tent #5 (if things go as planned – note their schedule has not been updated as of this post). This year’s Copperstate is being held at Casa Grande (KCGZ), Arizona. Fly or drive; it’s only a short flight or drive down from the Phoenix area or up from Tucson. Details on the event can be found on the Copperstate web site.

When your flight’s gone about as bad as it possibly could, your survival may well depend upon what survival gear you have with you. Even with modern communications and distress signaling, you could easily end up stuck in the wilderness overnight. If rescue is delayed, it’s probably because of difficult weather or other circumstances that would add to your troubles. I will explain what gear you should never be without and, just as important, what gear is worth betting your life on and what isn’t. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be Equipped To Survive.

I will be giving away some valuable survival gear for door prizes. See you there!