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Doug’s AOPA Expo Seminars Could Save Your Life

AOPA Expo 2006I will present three seminars at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs that could save your life some day. I am also offering over $4,600 worth of the very best survival gear as door prizes from sponsors to make these seminars even more enticing, because my goal is for all pilots to be “equipped to survive.”

I will be presenting a two-part “Ditching and Water Survival” program on Friday and a seminar on “Equipping Yourself To Survive” on Saturday.

Palm Springs is a unique venue because there is a pool adjacent to the convention center where Part II of Ditching and Water Survival will be held. Wearing a life vest and carrying a life raft and other survival equipment during flights over water is only half the solution. If your luck runs out and you have to ditch, knowing how to use your survival equipment substantially improves your survival prospects. I will help you gain this vital knowledge and additional water survival tips through poolside and in-water demonstrations of life vests, life rafts, signaling and survival equipment.

All the details, seminar schedule and location information can be found at www.equipped.org/AOPA2006.htm. Please join me and become Equipped To Survive.