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Fires Emphasize Importance of Being Prepared – More Than Just Gear and Supplies

The fires currently raging in southern California serve to remind us that it isn’t just earthquakes and floods and hurricanes that we must be prepared for. If you are not prepared ahead of time to evacuate quickly, or “bug out” to use the preparedness vernacular, you will not only likely suffer more than necessary, but [...]

TracMe to FCC: You Can’t Make Us…

Well, the TracMe “Personal Locator Beacon” saga continues. For background on this issue, please review the following Equipped.org Blog entries:
Original TracMe Blog Entry: “That’s No Personal Locator Beacon!”
Follow-on TracMe Blog Entry: TracMe: “Curiouser and Curiouser“
In response to the FCC request that TracMe cease using “Personal Locator Beacon” to refer to their device [...]

NTSB to FAA: Require 406 MHz ELTs

In a Safety Recommendation released yesterday, the NTSB has once again recommended that the FAA require all aircraft have 406 MHz ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters – 121.5 MHz ELTs are currently required). They first recommended this back in 2000 and after vigorous opposition by AOPA, the FAA declined to do so. This latest [...]

TracMe: Curiouser and Curiouser

The FCC Weighs In
For background, please see the original TracMe article, “That’s No Personal Locator Beacon! – When is a Personal Locator Beacon not a PLB?”
On Wednesday of this week, just as I was getting ready to leave for Salt Lake City to attend Outdoor Retailer, I received an email that included the latest [...]

That’s No Personal Locator Beacon!

When is a Personal Locator Beacon not a PLB?
406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) are earning a well-deserved reputation for saving lives. These personal-sized distress beacons (large pocket sized) use the same technology that’s been used in marine and aviation (EPIRBs and ELTs) for many years and saved thousands of lives. If you’re headed out [...]

Stay Put! Let Search and Rescue Come to You

Renowned mountain flying instructor and author of Mountain Flying Bible, Sparky Imeson, was involved in a crash during an instructional flight in Montana over the weekend. He and the student survived. Details can be found here in this article.
The part that has me puzzled is why an experienced person like Sparky would leave [...]

Foodsaver Sucks, Not Vacuum We’re Talking About

A lot of us involved in the outdoors and survival have for years used Foodsaver home vacuum packaging equipment. There are lots of advantages to vacuum packaging your supplies and gear including reduced volume, protects the contents, longer shelf life, and more. It was not cheap and the special bags and bulk [...]

How About Stay Out Of The !@#%&* Woods…?

Seems like I touched a raw nerve during my interview on The Ten Essentials (see my previous blog entry). On the ETS Survival Forum a few folks have taken issue with my assertion that because so few people know how to use a map and compass today, they would do better to include a [...]

Bruce Schneier on Risk Assessment

While I don’t always agree 100% with everything Bruce Schneier (author of “Beyond Fear”) writes, I have a lot of respect for him and nobody I know gets it right more often than he does when it comes to security issues. Much of what he does also touches on other issues we deal with [...]

Winter Survival on the Today Show – Good and Bad

Yesterday, NBC’s Today Show ran a piece on winter survival that was better than most, though not without its errors and critical omissions. The written article on MSNBC’s site is pretty good for what it is, Charles Horton’s survival story. The video from the Today Show can also be viewed on the same [...]