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SHOT Show 2007 ReportSHOT Show 2007 Report
Orlando may not be most attendees favorite location for SHOT Show,and it was awful expensive, but that didn't stop vendors from setting a record with booth space. They brought lots of new gear and as usual we present the best of what we saw in our annual SHOT Show Report, brought to you this year with sponsorship assistance from Red Flare and a number of generous ETS contributors.

Outdoor Retailer Summer MarketNew Gear at O.R. Summer Market
Despite slim pickings, we managed to find some cool new gear at this year's Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City. Check out the latest preparedness gear.

SHOT Show 2006 ReportSHOT Show 2006 Report
We walked our feet off to catch a glimpse of the latest and greatest being shown at this year's Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades Show. See our exclusive first look at what cool and occasionally odd knives, tools, gear and flashlights we found at the 2006 SHOT Show.

SHOT Show 2005 ReportSHOT Show 2005 Report
The first installment of our SHOT Show Report for 2005 is available. In this portion we take a look at a good deal of the new and cool sharp stuff--knives and multi-purpose tools, as well the latest and greatest in LED Flashlights.

SHOT Show 2004 ReviewSHOT Show 2004
The first installment of our SHOT Show review for 2004 is available. In this portion we take a look at the sharp stuff--knives and multi-purpose tools.

NASAR SAR'03 logoNASAR 2003 Conference Report
Doug Ritter reports on his visit to the NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue) 31st International Search and Rescue Conference and Exhibition, "SAR 03," in Reno, Nevada. Personal Locator Beacons were the hot topic, but Doug also found a few other interesting bits of gear. Learn more about the issues surrounding deployment of PLBs and how SAR will be dealing with those issues.

Doug Ritter's report on new gear at SHOT Show 2003SHOT Show 2003
Doug Ritter reports on the most interesting new gear at SHOT Show 2003. There was no recession in the fertile minds of designers; there was an abundance of exciting new knives, tools, flashlights, and other cool gear. This is our largest SHOT Show Report yet, so dig in and don't drool too much on the keyboard.

Rotor & Wing's Emergency Response 2002 ReportRotor & Wing's Emergency Response 2002
Rotor & Wing tried repositioning this conference from pure Search and Rescue to cover a wider audience of emergency responders. Results were mixed, but we did find a few items of interest in the exhibit hall.

SHOT Show 2002 ReviewSHOT Show 2002 Review
There was no recession evident at SHOT Show 2002. There's so much to cover, we're going to do it in installments. Our first installment covers multi-purpose tools and knives from most of the majors.

Asia-Pacific Regional SAR Conference ETS Attends Asia-Pacific Regional SAR Conference
The Asia-Pacific Regional Search and Rescue Conference was held in Cairns, Australia, sponsored by the U.S. Coast Guard and AusSAR. ETS Editor Doug Ritter was invited to give a presentation. Read Doug's report on the conference, including some new survival gear and exclusive coverage of an important announcement from Switlik.

NBAA 2001Innovative Survival Gear At NBAA 2001
Postponed because of the September, 11 attacks, NBAA 2001 was a quieter and smaller affair than usual. Small and quiet doesn't necessarily mean there was little to see. We still managed to find some interesting and innovative survival and safety gear to get excited about.

Rotor & Wing SAR 2001ETS Attends Search and Rescue 2001
Rotor & Wing's Search and Rescue 2001 was held in San Diego this year, the sunny climes a marked contrast to the generally sober mood. SAR professionals are on the front lines these days. This year was bigger and better than ever, and though there wasn't a lot of new gear to get excited about, it was a good show overall.

SAR The Americas ETS Attends SAR - The Americas 2001
The second biennial SAR - The Americas conference featured some excellent presentations, a tour of Coast Guard Base Mayport and some exciting new survival and Search and Rescue equipment. The big news was the introduction of the first Personal 406 MHz EPIRB, expected to be on sale soon! Plus, lots of other cool stuff. Check out our report!

SHOT Show 2001 - First Look! SHOT Show 2001 - New Knives, Tools & More!
ETS offers a First Look at the best new gear that was introduced at SHOT Show 2001. LED flashlights were everywhere! The multi-purpose tool wars continue, albeit at a less feverish pace. As for knives, there was no shortage of new designs and developments. Plus lots more! Check it out!

SAR 2000 logo ETS Attends Search & Rescue 2000
Doug Ritter attended Rotor & Wings's Search & Rescue 2000 conference and found some interesting new survival gear and gadgets worth mention.Check out our review of the SAR 2000 conference.

NBAA 2000 logo New Survival Gear Shown at NBAA 2000
NBAA 2000 offered a few interesting new survival related products. Most shocking was a new line of "Alpha Series" life rafts from Eastern Aero Marine. Check out our first look at what we saw at NBAA.

SHOT Show 2000 - First Look! SHOT Show 2000 - Tool Wars Continue!
ETS offers a First Look at the best new gear that was introduced at SHOT Show. Leading the list a radical new design from Gerber, the Gator Jaw, as well as the SOG SwitchTool. Also, bright new lights from Sure Fire and StreamlightCheck it out!

SAR The Americas ETS Attends First SAR The Americas
The first SAR The Americas conference was a big success and ETS was there for the presentations and to scope out the exciting new survival and Search and Rescue equipment. The big news was in 406 MHz beacons. You just won't believe how small these incredibly effective emergency beacons are getting to be! Plus, lots of other cool stuff -- including a USCG Tiltrotor? Check it out!

SHOT Show '99 First Look! SHOT Show Features Exciting New Gear
ETS offers a First Look at the best new gear that was introduced at SHOT Show. Leading the list is the highly anticipated Spyderco SpydeRench. Leatherman introduced two new models, the aptly named Crunch, and the Flair, which features a corkscrew. Plus new goodies from: Gerber, Victorinox, Benchmade, Wenger, and Busse.

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