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Green Laser Pointer BeamsLasers Aimed At Airliners - Overreaction?
Recent media reports have been filled with reports of lasers aimed at airliners and dire warnings about their dangers and possible use by terrorists to blind pilots. There's a far more likely and less sinister explanation. Doug Ritter reveals the why these reports shouldn't be cause for alarm and why calls for regulations are misguided.

Switlik Safety AlertSwitlik Life Raft Safety Alert
Switlik Parachute Company has issued a Safety Alert covering a range of Switlik life rafts with manufacture dates going back to 1997 in some cases. The life rafts identified could self-inflate or, potentially more serious, lose their inflation gas. ETS provides full details including a list of affected life rafts and a copy of the Safety Alert.

WSI Gold Label Survival KitWSI Gold Label and Mini Survival Kits
We launch a new section on larger personal or "one-person" survival kits, large/cargo pocket or pouch size, with reviews of two kits by World Survival Institute's Chris Janowsky. These personal kits will generally provide more gear, or more capable gear, than the traditional everyday carry PSK.

Ranger Rick's Special Ops Survival NecklaceRanger Rick's Special Ops Survival Necklace
A different approach to the concept of a personal survival kit; you wear this kit around your neck. It is also unique in that it doesn't come ready to use--"assembly & modifications required." It's unique, but is it any good?

Leatherman Wave and Charge ReviewLeatherman Waves, then Charges
Doug Ritter takes a detailed look at the newest top-of-the-line offerings from Leatherman. Three models based on the Wave give distinct choices, depending on what you're looking for. See if it's time to trade in your old tool for one of these new multi-tools..

Aviation Egress SystemsBarry Schiff Takes Ditching Lessons
Thirty years ago Barry Schiff ditched a Super Cub in Alaska. Back then he was ill-prepared to get out of the aircraft when it flipped. Still, like most, he managed. Join Barry as he visits Aircraft Egress Systems in Canada and learns the right way to egress a ditched aircraft. No muss, no fuss.

LifePac Survival KitLifePac Survival Kit In A Sardine Tin
We seem to be awash in personal size survival kits. The LifePac, also marketed as Survival Kit In A Sardine Can, aims to provide for your survival in an inexpensive sealed package. Should you trust your life to the LifePac? See what we discovered when we opened it up.

Autralian MkIII KitBob Cooper's Australian MkIII Survival Kit
Yet another personal/pocket size survival kit, this time from down under. This kit has attained a reputation of almost mythical proportions it seems. It's taken a while for us to get one, but it's now here and you can see for yourself if it lives up to its rep.

Travel Safe - Travel Smart PLB OpEdTravel Safe - Travel Smart
Canadian outdoorsman Bill Layman is plenty upset at those who abuse the Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon system and cost taxpayers plenty for no good reason. In this opinion piece Bill offers up some suggestions that could reduce or eliminate the problem. With the coming availability of PLBs, you decide if his cure is worth it.

ACR Electronics Personal Locator BeaconFirst PLB Save in Contiguous U.S. Credits Equipped To Survive
A Cleveland, Ohio, man is the first to be rescued using a 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) since they became legally available for use in the contiguous U.S. on July 1, 2003. Carl J. Skalak, Jr. credits Equipped To Survive for his having the PLB in the first place. The ACR Electronics 406 PLB worked exactly as designed using the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite alerting system to assure a quick rescue.

Hurricane Isabel 9/2003 damageLessons Learned: Surviving The Hurricane
Members of The Survival Forum discuss their experiences, what worked and what didn't and the valuable lessons learned from this relatively mild hurricane. The best way to prepare is to learn from those who have been there already. Please join the discussion, or just stop by and learn something for next time.

Medical assistance at Ground Zero An MD's Report From Ground Zero
Michael Karch, MD, an orthopedic surgery resident at Georgetown University Hospital, took it upon himself to rush to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. His narrative of that experience provides lessons for anyone who might find themselves in the midst of a major disaster. Karch concludes with a host of valuable insights that can only be gained the hard way.

ETS Survival NewsFirst Edition of ETS Survival News Published
ETS Survival News will be an irregularly published compendium of news related to survival, survival gear and search and rescue. Please check out the first edition of ETS Survival News

Aron Ralston Threatens Doug Ritter & ETS
Aron Ralston, who self-amputated his arm after disregarding common sense safety precautions before heading off into the wilds, threatened Equipped To Survive and Doug Ritter for use of his name on the ETS Web site. Get the details and read the Cease and Desist Letter from his lawyer.

Life Rafts in the Desert Life Rafts in the Desert  
On January 20-22 a group of volunteers from throughout the U.S., and even one from Europe, joined Doug Ritter, publisher and editor of Equipped To Survive™, in a wave pool in Tempe, Arizona to participate in the most comprehensive tests ever done by consumer publications of marine and aviation life rafts. We offer a brief review and a few photos to whet your appetite.

Gerber Model 800 Legend Gerber's Model 800 Legend - Is it?
With the Legend, Gerber set out to out-Leatherman Leatherman. It has a lot of desirable features; all the tools being accessible with the handles closed and they all lock, one-hand opening knife and scissors, Torx adjustable tension, spring-loaded pliers, and rotatable/replaceable carbide wire cutters, to name a few. Check out our review to see if the Legend lives up to its name.

496 MHz Beacon Testing Exclusive! 406 MHz Emergency Beacon Testing
How confident are you that your 406 beacon will function if needed? Wonder whether the self-test really works? No need to wonder anymore. The Coast Guard will now test your beacon for free. ETS is first with all the details.

Urban Survival Survival Options In An Urban Setting
Most of us spend the majority of our time in an urban setting where survival needs are somewhat specialized -- keeping yourself, your family and your possessions safe and secure. We introduce our new Urban Survival section, after years of requests, with an Urban Survival Primer. This is an introduction to urban survival and the options for self-protection and self-defense by ETS Urban Survival Editor Stuart Krone.

Techtest Voice Capable 406 MHz ELT Compact Voice Capable 406 MHz ELT
Winslow LifeRaft Company has been named North American distributor of Techtest Limited's compact voice capable 406 MHz ELT. With sales of 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons and Personal EPIRBs still in regulatory limbo, this is the only compact unit readily available to U.S. consumers.

Coroner's Inquest - 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race Coroner's Inquest - 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
An Equipped To Survive EXCLUSIVE, presenting the complete CD-ROM of Testimony and Evidence from the NSW, Australia Coroner's Inquest into the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Nearly a half gigabyte of testimoney from survivors, rescuers, participants and others, plus photos and documents, provides captivating reading. There are many lessons to be learned--and relearned from the inquest into this ill-fated yacht race that cost six sailors their lives.

Sea Lessons Learned: Ditching Off Baja
A successful ditching off the coast of Baja, Mexico tests two young men and their fathers. Doug Ritter recounts the survivors' adventure, as related to him in personal interviews, and analyzes what was learned.

Commentary A Solution Looking For A Problem
In an ETS commentary, editor Doug Ritter responds to Zodiac President JJ. Marie's proposal to require servicing of leisure marine life rafts according to the manufacturer's recommendations and approval of these rafts by the Coast Guard. You might think Doug would favor such a requirement. You might be surprised! See what Doug has to say about this ill-conceived proposal.

U.S. Coast Guard logo Life Raft Safety Alert!
If you bought or had your life raft serviced at Inflex Corporation owned by Mr. Michael Bouressa and located in Warwick, Rhode Island, run, don't walk, to your nearest authorized service facility and get the life raft reinspected. Details are in this U.S. Coast Guard Safety Alert (will open a new browser window).

Doug Ritter Wins BWI Writing Award Doug Ritter Wins BWI Writing Award
ETS Editor Doug Ritter was awarded first prize in the 2000 Boating Writers International Writing Contest in the category of Safety, Seamanship and Rescue. The prize was won for the five-part series of articles, "Life Rafts, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly," that appeared in Belvoir Publications' Practical Sailor and Powerboat Reports magazines.

Glock and Fiskars Spades Compact Spade Dig-off
Can you dig a compact spade dig-off? Glock and Gerber (Fiskars) both make a high-tech spade that collapses for compact storage. Find out which spade we dig.

A Ditching Article Gone Awry A Ditching Article Gone Awry  updated
          Ditching Myths Torpedoed!
                    Water Wings - Proficient Pilot
Read the latest exchange between AOPA Pilot and Doug Ritter. AOPA Pilot (July '99) featured a ditching article by Tom Horne chock full of dangerous old wives' tales and misinformation. ETS Editor Doug Ritter clears up the mess Horne left in his wake in his detailed rebuttal, "A Ditching Article Gone Awry." UPDATE: AOPA Takes Punitive Action Against ETS Editor! Complementing Ritter's commentary, Paul Bertorelli's Aviation Safety article, "Ditching Myths Torpedoed!", analyses NTSB ditching reports and blows numerous ditching myths out of the water. Finally, renowned author and AOPA Pilot columnist Barry Schiff dicusses the correct techniques for ditching a GA aircraft in his Proficient Pilot article, "Water Wings."

Penrith Combat Survival kit Yet Another Personal Kit Reviewed
An evaluation of Penrith Survival Equipment's "Combat Survival Kit" has been added to our Personal / Pocket Size Survival Kit Reviews. This joins a pair of new reviews added just two weeks ago: Adventure Tools "Global Survival Kit" and Coghlan's "Survival Kit-In-A-Can." In total, eight commercial personal size survival kits are evaluated.

Leatherman Wave Leatherman's WAVE Makes Waves
Exclusive first full evaluation! Leatherman's new multi-tool addresses shortcomings in previous models and adds great new features including one-hand opening blades.

Krill Lamps Krill Lamps Kick Chem-light Butt
The electroluminescent Krill Lamp is a viable alternative to chemiluminescent lightsticks, such as Cyalume and Snaplight, for many uses. Check out our detailed evaluation of the Krill Lamps.

Y2K Bug Yawn2K -- Imagine That...
     The World As We Know It Did Not End

Well, Y2K came and the world as we know it did not end. We don't mind saying "we told you so!" ETS publisher and editor Doug Ritter's editorial: "Y2K Bug - Is The Sky Falling?" was pretty accurate in predicting what would happen--or would not happen as it turned out. Read Doug Ritter's Open Letter to his detractors who castigated him for his moderate position on Y2K.

Axis Lock New Axis Lock for Folding Knives
Benchmade introduces an innovative lock on their new Model 710. We review both the new lock and the new folding knife.

Casio GPS watch Casio Shows Off First GPS Watch
updated with Price & Availablity
Casio introduced the world's first wristwatch with built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) capability at the January 1999 Consumer Electronics Show. The 5.22 oz. navigator incorporates an 8-channel GPS receiver and provides 600 readings from one lithium battery.

Firestarter One-handed Fire Starter Face-Off!
With a new one-handed fire starter on the market, it is time to compare old and new to see which one is best in our "One-handed Fire Starter Face-off!"

SwissTool Victorinox SwissTool -- Ultimate SAK?
The SwissTool is not your father's multi-tool, nor his Swiss Army Knife. It was long in coming, but worth the wait. The Swiss have a winner!

Saw Link Style Survival Saw Trials
The new Saber Cut Survival Saw spurs us to take a fresh look. We compared the Saber Cut with the Pocket ChainSaw and the sawdust fell like brown snow.

Survival kit Commercial Pre-assembled Survival Kits
ETS has added a section for Commercial Pre-assembled Survival Kits with market surveys and evaluations. Our first reviews cover Aviation and Personal/Pocket Size Survival Kits.

Re-packing Potable Aqua Solution For Re-packing Potable Aqua
Finally! After years of searching we've finally discovered an easy and affordable solution to the problem of how to safely re-pack these iodine-based water purification tabs in a smaller package for use in pocket-size survival kits.

BuckTool Multi-Purpose Tools updated
The Handy Tools section has been extensively updated. New multi-tool reviews have been added to cover the latest introductions, others have been revised and updated, and many more photos have been added.

SPI raft Survival Products Life Rafts
Misleading advertisements and inspection tags attract the FAA's attention. The FAA issues an Unapproved Parts Notification as a result of these misrepresentations.

We review the latest new video from Ron Hood
The Woodsmaster - Vol. 5 - Traps And Trapping

Survival For Kids Section Added!
Survival For Kids & Kid's Don't-Leave-Home-Without-It Equipment

Tweeeet In Time Saves Lives!
Read all about this innovative Kids' FREE Rescue Whistle Program

With a few tweaks, the Leatherman PST II could be a lot more useful.
Allen Duffield explains how he modified his PST II for greater utility.

We review a new survival text by Greg Davenport
Wilderness Survival

The more things change, the more they stay the same?
Jim Johnson reflects on survival equipment and kits.

A New and Improved Pocket LED Flashlight Is A Winner!
The L.R.I. Photon II Micro-Light Debuts

We review a great new video from Ron Hood
The Woodsmaster - Vol. 4 - Primitive Navigation

Barry Schiff Shares A Valuable Survival Equipment Tip

Lessons Learned: Successful Ditching Off Hilo, Hawaii

Commentary: "Fire and Rain" by Dr. André F. Bourbeau

Check out the revised Canadian aircraft survival equipment regulations.   UPDATE!

Some great new Videos reviewed:
"The Woodsmaster" series

Commentary: "Safety Is A Tough Sell" by Capt. Barry Schiff

Can the new Leatherman Micra replace your small Swiss Army Knife?
The answer is in the latest ETS Evaluation!

Just how good is the new "Bucktool" from Buck Knives?
Read the ETS Evaluation and find out!

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