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Commentaries and Editorials

These commentaries and editorials solely represent the views of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views or position of the Equipped To Survive Foundation and its directors, employees or volunteers.

Lasers Aimed At Airliners Overreaction? - Doug Ritter suggests that the furor over lasers aimed at airliners is a bit over the top. (01/04/2005)

Thoughts on Patriots Day Two Years Later - 9/11/2003 - Doug Ritter offers up some personal thoughts on the subject of security and commitment on this second anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America. The reality is what's important, and it's easy to lose track of exactly what that is. (09/11/2003)

Survival Stories Are Key To ETS Goal - Saving Lives - The recent brouhaha involving Aron Ralston serves as a reminder as to why Equipped To Survive exists. Damn near anything can happen out there and survival stories are a big part of how we learn and how we encourage people to be Equipped To Survive Doug shares a few thoughts on the subject of survival stories. (06/09/ 2003)

Travel Safe - Travel Smart - Canadian outdoorsman Bill Layman is plenty upset at those who abuse the Cospas-Sarsat emergency beacon system and cost taxpayers plenty for no good reason. In this opinion piece Bill offers up some suggestions that could reduce or eliminate the problem. With the coming availability of PLBs, you decide if his cure is worth it. (01/23/2003)

Real Security, Not Eye-Wash - An ETS Editorial - Equipped to Survive Editor Doug Ritter offers up some thoughts on airline security. Confiscating grandma's knitting needles isn't the answer. Doug explains why current proposals don't get us where we need to be. The asinine, knee jerk, feel good actions currently being taken and proposed aren't the answer. We need different thinking than what got us here. (09/27/2001)

A Solution Looking For A Problem - EIn an ETS commentary, editor Doug Ritter responds to Zodiac President JJ. Marie's proposal to require servicing of leisure marine life rafts according to the manufacturer's recommendations and approval of these rafts by the Coast Guard. You might think Doug would favor such a requirement. You might be surprised! See what Doug has to say about this ill-conceived proposal. (04/26/2000)

Yawn2K -- Imagine That...The World As We Know It Did Not End - Well, Y2K came and the world as we know it did not end. We don't mind saying "we told you so!" ETS publisher and editor Doug Ritter's editorial: "Y2K Bug - Is The Sky Falling?" was pretty accurate in predicting what would happen--or would not happen as it turned out. Read Doug Ritter's Open Letter to his detractors who castigated him for his moderate position on Y2K. (01/01/2000)

Year 2000 Bug - Is The Sky Falling? - Equipped to Survive Editor Doug Ritter looks into all the concern over the Year 2000 Bug. Is it really the end of the world as we know it, or are a lot of people using it as a means to their own nefarious ends? Doug offers a rational perspective. (11/31/1998)

Safety Is A Tough Sell - Barry Schiff decries the difficulty in selling safety and survival. Why and what to do about it? (3/01/1997)

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