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True Life Survival Stories
Lessons Learned

If you or someone you know has experienced a survival situation, please see how you can share it to benefit others.

Lessons Learned: So Near, Yet So Far - You don't need to be stranded a hundred miles from civilization to find yourself in a survival situation. Chris Kavanaugh found himself stranded on an island within view of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Chris tells the story of how he and four others were stranded and how he relied on basic survival skills and equipment to survive and signal for rescue. Doug Ritter analyzes how Chris and his companions did and the lessons learned.

Lessons Learned: Sailing to Hawaii...The First Attempt - After two years' fastidious preparations, he thought he was prepared. Arnold Rowe recounts the story of his ill-fated voyage to Hawaii, replete with equipment failures, medical problems and a helicopter rescue by the Coast Guard. Images from video clips of the rescue included! Doug Ritter analyzes what went right and what went wrong. Rowe's real life experience also validates some findings from the Marine Life Raft Tests.

1998 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race - NSW State Coroner's Inquest - Testimony and Evidence and Findings. The findings and supporting testimony and evidence from the Coroner's inquest into the tragic 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race that cost six sailors their lives. Read what the survivors and participants had to say, in their own words.

Lessons Learned: A Long Wet Night - It was nighttime and raining when Ray Clamback successfully ditched 300 miles northeast of Hawaii. But for some extraordinary good luck they might well have perished. This narrative, based on interviews with the survivors and U.S. Coast Guard pilots, tells the story of that ditching and survival experience and Doug Ritter analyses the lessons learned.

A Question Of Survival - Two wilderness aircraft crashes. The pilots in both survive the crash. But, two very different endings--one lives, the other dies. William Waldock examines the question: Why the difference?

Lessons Learned: Ditching Off Baja - A successful ditching off the coast of Baja, Mexico tests two young men and their fathers. Doug Ritter recounts the survivors' adventure, as related to him in personal interviews, and analyzes what was learned.

Lessons Learned: A Mooney Dives Into Old Tampa Bay - You don't have to be in the middle of the ocean to experience a ditching, or to learn lessons from it. Doug Ritter gets the pilot's story and details the lessons learned.

Lessons Learned: Successful Ditching Off Hilo, Hawaii - An Airline flight helps locate the survivors of this ditching off the coast of Hilo, Hawaii with personal commentary from the pilot who ditched.

Lessons Learned: Gone Swimming In The North Atlantic? - An FAA inspector ditches a Bonanza crossing the North Atlantic and survives to tell his tale.

If you or someone you know has experienced a survival situation, please see how you can share it to benefit others.

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