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Submission Guidelines

Equipped To Survive (ETS) is always interested in receiving articles related to survival equipment and techniques. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting. We strongly recommend that writers read articles published on ETS to get an idea of our editorial style and the types of articles that we publish. Then, please review our submission guidelines before submitting any articles or queries.

True-Life Survival Stories

These are among the most popular articles on ETS. If you or someone you know has experienced a survival situation and would like to share it with our readers, we would be pleased to cooperate in publishing your story.  We can work with the story as told/written in your own words (see "Lessons Learned: So Near, Yet So Far"), or we will interview you and any others involved and write up the story for you (see "Lessons Learned: A Long Wet Night").  We will also happily re-publish articles, even if they are available online, because we add our own analysis of the experience.  Your experience can be recent or from many years ago. Contact us with your story, referrals or any questions.

Please review some of the true-life survival stories on ETS before submitting.  All such articles we publish include an analysis by Doug Ritter or an ETS staff editor.  This is one of the things that sets ETS apart and is what makes these stories so valuable to readers.  We sincerely appreciate the courage of those who are willing to have their actions second-guessed for the benefit of others.  We try to be considerate of all involved and will work with you to ensure that you are treated fairly and respectfully. 

Survival Technique Articles

Articles covering survival techniques are welcome. We prefer articles with photos or graphics illustrating important points.

Product Review Articles

Product reviews are Equipped To Survive's primary focus.  We welcome product review articles that are written and photographed to the same critical standards. Reasonably good quality digital photos are required. Anyone submitting such an article must be demonstrably independent from the product, it's manufacturer, distributors or retailers. Always query first. We do not accept or encourage manuscript submittals of product reviews.

Miscellaneous Articles

If you have written and article or have an idea for an article that might be appropriate for Equipped To Survive, but that doesn't fit into the previous categories, please feel free to submit a query or manuscript.  We have in the past published humor, interviews, editorial opinion and others types of articles.


Except as noted above, we strongly urge you to query first.

Please give us an idea of your background, and why you are qualified to write about the topic you're proposing. You don't necessarily have to be a published writer or established expert to write for us. However, we do look for some relevant experience, either in the field or journalistically.

We have no length limit, one of the advantages of publishing on the Web, but that doesn't mean you don't have to write well and tight, just that you can include all the important and relevant details.  Again, we strongly recommend that writers read articles published on ETS to get an idea of our editorial style.  We don't have the resources to completely re-write your article to meet our editorial style.  All edits are reviewed with the author before publication.

Articles must be the work of the original author. For works which have already been published, please let us know where and when it was published.

ETS assumes worldwide electronic publishing rights for all original works with the right to archive the material indefinitely. Rights return to the author if the work is permanently removed from our Web site. Authors retain all other rights to their work.

ETS does not offer monetary payment at this time.  However, we do provide a separate Web page with an author bio and links to the author's Web page and to any books or videos available, via if applicable.

Submissions and queries should be sent to: Doug Ritter. We only accept electronic submissions and queries. 

Please attach any manuscript to the email in Microsoft Word, Corel Wordperfect or ASCII text format.  Please do not include any special formatting and do not include any graphics or photos in the document, just plain text.  Do not indent paragraphs and only one space between sentences. Please include an author bio written in third person with any submission.  We prefer photos and graphics to be in digital format and high resolution (no less than 800 x 600 and minimum 96 ppi, preferably larger and/or higher resolution), but we will often accept printed photographs and graphics. It just depends upon the circumstances and subject and quantity.   

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