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NSW State Coroner's Inquest
1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
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NSWPLOGO.GIF (9765 bytes)Brief of Evidence - Volume 1





Volume 1A

1.1 BARCLAY Barry Scott Crew, Victorian Police Air Wing
1.2 BAYLEY John Ambulance Officer
1.3 BLEWITT Michelle Marie Paramedic, ACT Ambulance Service
1.4 BOAG Neil John Chief Pilot, General Flying Services
1.5 BUGG Scott Nelson Airborne Electronics Analyst, RAAF
1.6 CAMERON Angus Pilot, General Flying Services
1.7 CARPENTER Paul Copeland Pilot, RAAF
1.8 DELF Mark Anthony Crew, Lloyd Helicopters
1.9 HREINSSON Thorualdur ROI, 10 Jul 99 - Trawler Skipper, Eden
1.10 HUTCHINSON David William Observer, Sea King Helicopter - Search Report Attached
1.11 JONES Darryl Anthony 1 Statement - Pilot, Victorian Police Air Wing
JONES Darryl Anthony 2 ROI, 17 Apr 99- Pilot, Victorian Police Air Wing
1.12 KEY David Ernest 1 Statement, 6 Jan 99 - Crew, Victorian Police Air Wing
KEY David Ernest 2 ROI, 17 Apr 99 - Crew, Victorian Police Air Wing

Volume 1B

1.13 LEE Brian Joseph Helicopter  Crew, HMAS Albatross
1.14 LEIGH Peter John Helicopter Pilot
1.15 MARSHALL Lachlan Cupit ROI, 4 Feb 99 - Rescue of Jaguar and Miintinta
1.16 McALISTER Kristy Paramedic, ACT Ambulance Service
1.17 McCONVILLE Daniel Joseph - Sen Sgt City East Logistical and Tactical Support
1.18 MORAY Iain Andrew Gordon Owner, Siena
1.19 O'LEARY Cecilia Navigator RAAF
1.20 Radio Log RVCP Eden Radio Log
1.21 Reports: Siena 4/1/99 from T Evans to I Moray
1.22 SIMPSON Stephen Crew, Lloyd Helicopters
1.23 STONE Raymond Charles Helicopter Pilot
1.24 SUMMERS Tery Check and Training Pilot, Care Flight
1.25 TAYLOR Matthew John ROI, 22 Apr 99 - Rescuer Co-Pilot, 10 Squ, RAAF
1.26 TICEHURST Gary Edwin Chief Pilot, G & A Helicopters Pty Ltd
1.27 TYLER Daniel Elwain Helicopter Pilot, Care Flight
1.28 WALTER Adrian James Pilot, Southern Air Services
1.29 WOLF Richard Navigator, RAAF