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NSW State Coroner's Inquest
1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
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Volume    1A & 1B Rescuers - Records of Interview, Statements
Volume    2 Bureau of Meteorology (B.O.M.)
Volume    3A, 3B & 3C A.M.S.A.R. - AusSAR
Volume    4A & 4B Sailing Committees and Safety Officers
Volume    5A & 5B Material Re: "Winston Churchill"
Volume    6A & 6B Material Re: "Sword of Orion"
Volume    7A & 7B Material Re: "Business Post Naiad"
Volume    8 Radio Communication, RRV "Young Endeavour"
Volume    9A & 9B Yachts Without Incidents - Crew Records of Interview
Volume    10A, 10B & 10C Yachts With Incidents - Crew Records of Interview
Volume    11A & 11B Safety Equipment
Volume    12 Reports and Articles
Volume    13 Race Documents
Volume    14 Police Statements and Documents
Volume    15 Transcripts of Hearings by date
Volume    16 Statements and documents tendered during hearings
Volume    17 Exhibits tendered during hearings.
New Documents Additional documents 22 Feb 2000
New Documents 2 Additional documents 10 Mar 2000
Photographs Link to photgraphs menu
Documents Tendered Documents tendered during State Coroner's hearings
Exhibits Exhibits tendered during State Coroner's Hearings
Transcripts Transcripts of State Coroner's Hearings
Statements and ROI Alphabetical Index of Statements and Records of Interview