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NSW State Coroner's Inquest
1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race
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Exhibits Register
Exhibit 1 Brief and Photographs
Exhibit 1A - Formal Papers (John Dean) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 1B - Formal Papers (Glyn Charles) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 1C - Formal Papers (Bruce Guy) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 1D - Formal Papers (Michael Bannister) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 1E - Formal Papers (James Michael Lawler) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 1F - Formal Papers (Phillip Skeggs) Not included at the direction of the State Coroner
Exhibit 02 2 copies of photographs (Moray's boat)
Exhibit 03 Telstra - CYCA black bag and contents
Exhibit 04 Map of NSW-Tas coast
Exhibit 05 Letter from Bureau of Meteorology Mr Thompson
Exhibit 06 Folder with weather information
Exhibit 07 Information given to crews on 24/12/98
Exhibit 08 Info to crews and photographs of BOM stand at CYCA
Exhibit 09 List of boats collecting weather packs
Exhibit 10 Weather Report - off web site
Exhibit 11 Map 5 (Mr Badham) marked weather pattern
Exhibit 12 List of boats
Exhibit 13 CV of Prof Lance Leslie
Exhibit 14 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race Weather Services
Exhibit 15 CV of Dr G Love
Exhibit 16 Weather forecast 7.30am 27/12/98
Exhibit 17 Current Maps
Exhibit 18 Map and ships log
Exhibit 19 Wind Maps
Exhibit 20 Example - Marine Warnings
Exhibit 21 2 recommendations of John Gibson
Exhibit 22 1 large screw and 4 small screws
Exhibit 23 4 photographs (Sword of Orion)
Exhibit 24A Telstra logs
Exhibit 24B Telstra Control handwritten notes
Exhibit 24C Handwritten notes of CYCA (book)
Exhibit 25 Copy of Offshore magazine
Exhibit 26 List of Books and excerpts (BOM)
Exhibit 27 Email from Sword of Orion
Exhibit 28 Lift raft equipment pack
Exhibit 29 Photographs of Suitlich
Exhibit 30A Harness worn by Glyn Charles
Exhibit 30B Harness from Sword of Orion
Exhibit 30C Trial harness (blue)
Exhibit 31 Letters from Mr W Campbell (2)
Exhibit 32 2 licences Tuff Marine
Exhibit 33 Manufacturing Register - Tuff Marine
Exhibit 34 Tuff Marine price list
Exhibit 35 Tuff Marine Delivery Book
Exhibit 36 Standards Mark Tuff Marine
Exhibit 37 1988 harness
Exhibit 38 1993 harness
Exhibit 39 Letter from Tony Mooney
Exhibit 40 Document re: Michael Collinson
Exhibit 41 1998 Sydney Hobart communications comments
Exhibit 42 Map from Young Endeavour
Exhibit 43 Statement of John Young
Exhibit 44 Distribution of storm warnings
Exhibit 45 Telstra letter re: joining of Young Endeavour
Exhibit 46 Letters from CYCA to Young Endeavour
Exhibit 47 Phone log
Exhibit 48 Transcript
Exhibit 49 Transcript of conversation No.4
Exhibit 4B-19 List of telephone numbers for CYCA members
Exhibit 50 Map SAR incidents incl Winston Churchill
Exhibit 51 Extracts from telephone calls (to CYCA)
Exhibit 52 Media releases CYCA
Exhibit 53 Report of Dr Paul Luckin
Exhibit 54 Offshore Racing Council manual
Exhibit 55 Letter from N Lykiardopulo 31/1/99
Exhibit 56 Letter from CSIRO Dr Cresswell
Exhibit 57 Letter from Bureau of Meteorology (Dr G Love)
Exhibit 58 Chronology of Broadcast of Weather Information
Exhibit 59 Observations of Bass Strait (BOM)
Exhibit 60 Statement John HONEYSETT and map
Exhibit 61 Fax to J Colquhoun forecaster
Exhibit 62 Extracts from Mr K Batt's book
Exhibit 63 Briefing by K Batt transcript and video
Exhibit 64 Storm warning (Bureau of Meteorology)
Exhibit 65 Weather at Eden 14.45hrs
Exhibit 66 Climate averages (Wilson Promotory, Victoria)
Exhibit 67 Radio distress stickers (2)
Exhibit 68 12 x photographs taken prior to race
Exhibit 69 Marine Weather Services Booklet
Exhibit MF1 A & B   A: New Nail   B: Used Nail
Exhibit MF1 C Large Screw