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A Preventable Tragedy

The tragedy of the three college softball players who were trapped in their vehicle and drowned in a pond on Sunday was totally preventable, if only someone had equipped them to survive. A simple, inexpensive safety tool on their keychain could have saved them. Either the ResQMe or the Houdini Automotive Escape Tool would have easily allowed the girls to break a window and escape. The tools also include a seat belt cutter to enable you to free yourself if trapped by your safety belt, or to free someone else. The Houdini also includes a whistle and LED flashlight. Put one of these on your keychain today. And,to answer your likely question, yes, they are both TSA safe, so you can travel with one at all times.

ResQMe and Houdini Escape Tool

UPDATED: November 19, 2009: I received an email today from a gentleman who had difficulties with the TSA about his ResQMe. Unfortunately, the TSA Screeners are often not the brightest bulbs on the tree, to put it politely, and often interpret the rules incorrectly. In those instances where I have run into problems with screeners, asking for a supervisor has always resolved the problem (of course, there’s never a guarantee with the TSA, they can still be arrogant, mercurial and unreasonable at times). Bear in mind that that in the U.S. scissors with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches are legal. All I can add is that I and many others carry them through TSA checkpoints all the time with no problems.