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Limited Recall Notice ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB

ACR GlobalFix iPRO EPIRBACR Electronics has issued a “limited recall” on their recently introduced GlobalFix iPRO EPIRB. The following is from the ACR release obtained off the U.S. Coast Guard web site (UPDATE: ACR now has a link to the notice on their home page) :

ACR has discovered that a small percentage of GlobalFix™ iPRO™ EPIRBs may not activate manually and has decided to issue a limited recall notice.The condition could exist in a maximum of 400 units built within serial number range of 1000 to 1688. If you own or have a GlobalFix™ iPRO™ that falls within this serial number range you should contact ACR’s Customer
Service department immediately at +1-854-862-2110 or at NBuckle@ACRelectronics.com.

ACR discovered that some of the witness seal tabs require the application of excessive force to put the switch into the correct position when manually activating the EPIRB. The water activation feature works separately and is not affected by the manual switch. The manual switch assembly needs to be reworked on a maximum of 400 units to insure that the switch and witness seal will activate as designed and intended. The 400 units potentially affected by this problem fall into the serial number range of 1000 -1688. If your GloblaFix™ iPRO™ serial number falls outside this range, then your GlobalFix™ iPRO™ is not affected by this notice. The 400 units could be of either the PIN 2846 Category I (automatic deploy) or PIN 2848 Category II (manual deploy) model.

This condition does not occur in any other ACR EPIRB model. This recall is limited to only the GlobalFix™ iPRO™ units falling within the serial number range of 1000 to 1688.

For more information or to obtain a Return Authorization contact:
ACR Customer Service
Telephone: +1-854-862-2110 (in the USA: 1-800-432-0227, ext. 2110)
E-Mail: NBuckle@ACRelectronics.com.