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Equipped To Survive coverage of SHOT Show, with our focus on the latest Knives, Flashlights and interesting new Gear, has been one of our most popular efforts (click here for last year's report), generates a lot of traffic for ETS and we often scoop everyone else with our timely coverage. This year SHOT Show is in Orlando and that is presenting problems. For the past three years we have been spoiled with it being in Las Vegas. For a variety of reasons, the out-of-pocket cost to cover SHOT Show in Vegas has been very low. The combination of the Orlando location and Sue's medical issues which have had a severe impact on us financially, make this year problematic.

Sue has done a good job on getting us great deals. We have our reservations and are gearing up to go, but now we need to raise the money to do it. The ETS kitty is virtually empty and what's there is already earmarked for other obligations. Our SHOT Show budget is $2,950 and if we don't raise the money, we don't go. There's no other way around it. We need your support and we need it NOW. Hopefully all those who have enjoyed our SHOT Show Reviews in the past, for which there's never been a charge, will now step up and make a modest contribution to assist us to continue this tradition.

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