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Survivor Credits Equipped To Survive

Many of you have read about the climber rescued in Big Bend National Park, Texas, by using his PLB (406 MHz Personal Locator Beacon) to signal his distress. You will find the basic details on the Equipped.org Blog at: http://www.equipped.org/blog/?p=48

On a public forum, BigBendChat.com, the survivor (posting under the name Boot Canyon 1 Cougar) has given Equipped To Survive credit for his having become familiar with the PLB he purchased and used:

“I learned of the ACR Personal Locater Beacon through the following site, “Equipped to Survive,” which appeared to me to be one of the better sites on preparing to survive an emergency in the wilderness: http://www.equipped.org/. ”

This is the reason I do what I do. This is why it’s worth all the effort. This is the payoff.

To all of you whose contributions keep ETS going, I hope this gives you as much satisfaction as it does me. I could not do it without your support, thank you. To those wondering if a contribution to ETS Foundation is worth it, I don’t know that I can offer any better argument for supporting this web site and the work I do. Please help us to continue making a difference with your tax-deductible contribution.