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Delorme Introduces inReach – First 2-Way Consumer SEND

inReachDelorme has announced their long-awaited two-way satellite messaging device, the inReach. Unlike Delorme’s first SEND, which was a SPOT product that utilizes the Globalstar satellite system one-way messaging capability, inReach works on the Iridium system that provides full two-way communication, with obvious benefits.

The interface with the device can be through a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w GPS, as previously, or with any Android smartphone. TWo=way text capability means that in an emergency you will be able to communicate with the commercial emergency response coordination center (CERCC), which in this case is the same as used with the SPOT devices, GEOS. This has obvious advantages over one-way communications.

Pricing for the device and for the subscriptions is still not yet announced, though Delorme indicates that it does plan to offer three subscription levels: Safety, Recreation, and Pro, with prices starting at $9.95 per month for the safety plan and increasing to offer more in-plan message and tracking units.

Availability is expected this Fall. As soon as Delorme provides me a inReach to test, we will provide a hands-on review.

You can read more and see additional photos of the interface and such on Delorme’s blog.