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ETS Joins Coalition to Save Our GPS

GPS AT RISKEquipped to Survive Foundation has joined the newly formed Coalition to Save Our GPS, which is opposed to the unusual and unsound waiver by the FCC for LightSquared to use its satellite spectrum for high-powered ground-based broadband transmissions that may interfere with GPS signals before testing has determined that it is safe to do so and that it does not jeopardize the millions of existing GPS users.

Doug Ritter, Equipped to Survive Foundation Chairman, issued a statement, saying, “Equipped To Survive Foundation represents the users of distress alerting devices (ELT, EPIRB, PLB and SEND) that rely upon GPS to provide the most accurate location. Accurate location significantly speeds rescue and is often the difference between life and death in disasters, emergencies and other survival situations. Any interference or disruption to GPS would significantly jeopardize the safety and survival of those who need rescuing and would also significantly increase the peril to those who risk their lives to perform these rescues. Moreover, interference or disruption to GPS could result in many more lost or imperiled individuals who depend upon GPS to safely find their way, increasing further the risk of loss of life.”

Ritter further stated, “the FCC’s abuse of normal procedures in granting this waiver is an affront to the many millions of GPS users who deserve better. We joined the Coalition to Save Our GPS in order to help ensure that users of distress beacons with GPS will be represented in whatever resolution may be developed to this potentially disastrous situation. We need answers and we need proof from real world testing that existing GPS users will not be adversely impacted by this effort, or it cannot be allowed to go forward.”

More information and links to express your support of this effort can be found at the Coalition to Save Our GPS web site: www.SaveOurGPS.org