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Doug Ritter's AOPA Expo Seminars Could Save Your Life

"Ritter is a treasure trove of vital survival information. He knows most about what pilots seem to know the least, but should know much, much more. His seminars are educational, entertaining, and--most importantly--might someday save your life." - Barry Schiff

"I cannot remember a seminar at OSH that was more fascinating and informative and I have attended many." - Michael Heaton

"Your water survival equipment demonstration in the pool was the highlight of my Expo. My wife loved it and we promptly purchased some life vests that might really save our lives instead of the junk we had that could have killed us. THANKS!" - John McWilliams after attending "Ditching and Water Survival" AOPA Expo 2002 in Palm Springs

Doug answers a question at the pool - AOPA Expo Palm Springs - 1998 (photo by Michael Collins) Aviation Survival authority Doug Ritter will present three seminars at AOPA Expo in Palm Springs that could save your life some day (see schedule). He's also offering over $4,600 worth of the very best survival gear as door prizes to make his seminars even more enticing, because his goal is for all pilots to be "equipped to survive." Support for these seminars is provided by the Equipped To Survive Foundation and sponsors listed below.

Doug will be presenting a two-part "Ditching and Water Survival" program and a seminar on "Equipping Yourself To Survive."

Doug's acclaimed "Ditching and Water Survival" program is divided into two sessions on Friday, November 10. Part I starts at 11:00 AM (to Noon) in Smoketree A-E (see map). This program will give you the essential information you need to safely ditch and survive. Get there early, last year the fire marshal closed the doors and we had to turn away attendees. The information you will given in Part I will serve as a foundation for Part II that will be held starting at 3:00 PM at and in the Wyndham Hotel Pool (see map), immediately adjacent to the Convention Center seminar rooms.

This program will give you the information you need to survive. One of the world's leading aviation survival authorities, Doug will cover ditching and egress procedures; use of signaling and survival equipment; water survival strategies; overwater Search and Rescue procedures; the open water environment; hypothermia and other physiological concerns and the psychological aspects of water survival.

Wearing a life vest and carrying a life raft and other survival equipment during flights over water is only half the solution. If your luck runs out and you have to ditch, knowing how to use your survival equipment substantially improves your survival prospects. Doug will help you gain this vital knowledge and additional water survival tips through poolside and in-water demonstrations of life vests, life rafts, signaling and survival equipment. Prior attendance at the morning seminar is recommended to gain the most from these demonstrations. Join us poolside at 3:00 PM on Friday to improve your survival chances in a ditching.

Doug presents Fundamental Surval SkillsOn Saturday, November 11, Doug will present "Equipping Yourself to Survive: Survival Gear for Pilots" at 11:00 AM in the Pasadena Room (see map). You owe it to yourself and your family to attend. When your flight's gone about as bad as it possibly could, your survival may well depend upon what survival gear you have with you.

Even with modern communications and distress signaling, you could easily end up stuck in the wilderness overnight. If rescue is delayed, it's probably because of difficult weather or other circumstances that would add to your troubles. Doug will explain what gear you should never be without and, just as important, what gear is worth betting your life on and what isn't. You don't have to spend a fortune to be equipped to survive.

Sponsorship and Door Prizes

Sponsorship and Door Prizes for Doug Ritter's AOPA Expo seminars are being provided by:

ACR Electronics - Aerofix 406 GPS I/O Personal Locator Beacons & Firefly3 Rescue Strobes
Aeromedix.com - Doug Ritter Mini-RSK Mk1 Survival / Utility Folding Knives
ICOM - IC-A6 Handheld Air Band Transcievers
Katadyn - Hiker Pro Water Filters and Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets
Mustang Survival - Mustang MD3085 Deluxe Inflatable Life Vests
SOSpenders - SOSpenders 1225 World Class Series Inflatable Life Vests
WINSLOW LifeRaft Company - $200 Sporty's Gift Certificate


Adventure Medical Kits - Pocket Survival Paks
Greatland Laser - Rescue Laser Flares
Leatherman Tool Company - Charge Ti Leatherman Tools
Rescue Technologies - Survivor RescueStreamer Distress Signals
Switlik Parachute Company - Helicopter Passenger Vest
Wenger - The Genuine Swiss Army Knife - EVO Locking Blade Swiss Army Knives

(prizes subject to change or cancelation without notice)

Doug Ritter's AOPA Expo 2006 Seminar Schedule

For more information on attending AOPA Expo see the Expo 2006 web site.

AOPA Expo 2006 Ritter Seminar Map"Ditching and Water Survival - Part I"
Friday, November 10th
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Smoketree A-E

"Ditching and Water Survival - Pool - Part II"
Friday, November 10th
3:00 to 4:00 PM (or until you run out of questions)
Wyndham Hotel Pool (adjacent to the Convention Center, south side)

"Equipping Yourself to Survive: Survival Gear for Pilots"
Saturday, November 11th
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Pasadena Room

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