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red pin McMurdo Ltd. have issued a number of Advisories and Press Release related to this evaluation and report. The documents below have been provided by press contacts and McMurdo dealers. These documents are in Adobe PDF format.
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McMurdo Ltd. "McMurdo Trials Report - 406 MHz EPIRB and PLB GPS Beacons in Operational Scenarios - Engineering Report 025-04" - received September 14, 2004

This is the report referenced in the July 7, 2004, Press Release below detailing the tests and results from McMurdo's testing conducted on their beacons. Posted with permission. See included copyright notice.

McMurdo Ltd. Press Release - July 7, 2004 

This press release announces the results of McMurdo's own tests of their beacons, declaring "McMurdo Precision EPIRB and FastFind Plus PLB Perform 'Faultlessly' In New Tests."

McMurdo Ltd. Manufacturer's Bulletin - June 30, 2004 

This Bulletin from McMurdo and an accompanying addendum from Revere Supply is an attempt to clarify details of McMurdo's upgrade program for both the Fastfind Plus PLB and the Precision 406 GPS EPIRB, with respect to the dealers, their customers and new product deliveries. It also briefly discusses McMurdo's own testing and their reported successful results to date, but provides no details.

McMurdo Ltd. Upgrade Notice - May 11, 2004 

This notice was sent to owners of record advising them that McMurdo would provide a free upgrade of firmware and software for the Fastfind Plus Personal Location Beacon with Built-in GPS. Instructions for contact are provided.

McMurdo Ltd. Advisory to Dealers - May 4, 2004 

This advisory was sent to McMurdo's dealers on May 4, 2004. In its continuing effort to serve consumers, Equipped to Survive Foundation feels obligated to conduct tests of these upgraded beacons in similar fashion to the original testing. Because it seems that there would likely be numerous benefits to both McMurdo and Equipped to Survive Foundation cooperating to some degree or other in testing that would satisfy both parties, we have made this offer to McMurdo.

Without truely independent live testing of off-the-self beacons, as the Foundation previously conducted, there is no credible way to determine if the upgrades by McMurdo will address the performance deficits seen in the original evaluation. The Equipped To Survive Foundation is entirely independent and no one, in or out of industry, could contest any test results for McMurdo's upgraded beacons based on those grounds. The Foundation is uniquely positioned to perform such live testing. Because the Foundation still has the original test beacons in its possession, it can test any upgraded beacons against the originals, the most credible possible testing.

On May 11, 2004, McMurdo responded, declining our offer. As such, the Foundation will begin preparations to conduct its own test of these upgraded beacons when they are available to us. Click to view the Foundation's May 12, 2004, Press Release on this subject.

McMurdo Ltd. Press Release - April 19, 2004 

This press release was sent out by McMurdo on April 19, 2004, immediately after Equipped To Survive Foundation's press conference announcing the results of the evaluation. It should be noted that Equipped To Survive Foundation has offered to return to McMurdo 50% of the test beacons; all we asked was for McMurdo to sign a release, on the advice of council. McMurdo declined the offer without comment.

McMurdo Ltd. Advisory to Dealers - April 16, 2004 

This advisory was sent to McMurdo's dealers in the U.S. only on April 16, 2004, prior to public release of the evaluation report. It should be noted that contrary to the implication in this document, Equipped To Survive Foundation has offered to return to McMurdo 50% of the test beacons; all we asked was for McMurdo to sign a release, on the advice of council. McMurdo declined the offer without comment.

NOTE: Pursuant to the Equipped To Survive Foundation's agreement with the manufacturers, all tested beacons were returned on June 17, 2004.

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