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July 13, 2004

ETS Foundation Intends to Perform Independent Tests of Upgraded McMurdo Beacons

In response to McMurdo Limited's recent press release (http://www.equipped.org/mcmurdo_test_results_pr.pdf) claiming their GPS-enabled 406 MHz distress beacons performed "Faultlessly" in the "independent" testing conducted by the company, Equipped To Survive Foundation Executive Director Doug Ritter reiterated their intention to conduct their own independent evaluations of these upgraded beacons. Said Ritter, "consumers recognize the value of having truly independent testing conducted, as the Equipped To Survive Foundation did originally and which brought the issues with the GPS-equipped McMurdo beacons to the forefront. Thus, while we are gratified that McMurdo has taken steps to improve the performance of its beacons, we look forward to analyzing McMurdo's detailed test results, should they choose to provide them to us as we did ours to them, and in conducting our own tests of the upgraded beacons to confirm McMurdo's representations, including testing of off-the-shelf beacons that consumers would actually be using in an emergency. Fundraising initiatives to cover the cost of these tests are underway and numerous beacon owners have offered their own upgraded beacons for us to use in this evaluation."

Commenting on the results announced in the press release, Ritter said, "it is impossible to make any sort of evaluation as to the quality of the testing that McMurdo conducted without reviewing a detailed report, such as the one published by the Foundation. We have only the cursory details from the press release. Regardless, I do think it is somewhat of a reach for McMurdo to claim that their tests, conducted by the company on its own behalf, are 'independent,' no matter the credibility and experience of those who witnessed the tests. Moreover, the upgraded beacons tested were not off-the-shelf units."

Ritter concluded, "we believe consumers will feel much more confident once an independent organization using off-the-self beacons has confirmed the improved performance that McMurdo claims, assuming our testing does indeed confirm those results."


Executive Director: Doug Ritter
Email: Doug Ritter
URL: http://www.equipped.org/media/beacontest2004/pr_07132004.htm
First Published: July 13, 2004
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