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July 30, 2006

Doug Ritter on Gun Talk Radio Show

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Today’s edition of Tom Gresham’s nationally syndicated Gun Talk Radio Show will feature Doug Ritter, Editor of Equipped To Survive and Chairman of the Equipped To Survive Foundation and Les de Asis, President of Benchmade Knife Company. The subject will be the poorly researched, highly biased and inflammatory anti-knife Wall Street Journal article that ran this past Tuesday, “How New, Deadly Pocketknives Became a $1 Billion Business.”

If you believe your survival may depend upon having a reliable, sturdy and safe to use knife, don’t miss this program!

Les will be starting at 2:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 AM Pacific. Doug will follow at 2:30 PM Eastern, 11:30 AM Pacific.

Gun Talk is carried live (or delayed broadcast in a few cases) by over 100 radio stations nationwide, check your local listings. It can also be found on channel 144 on SIRIUS Satellite Radio and on a three hour delay on channel 166 on XM Satellite Radio. You can also listen via live streaming audio on the Web from a number of sources including www.KSBN.net

Doug Ritter eQ Hands-Free Multi-Light

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Doug Ritter Special Edition eQ Hands-Free Multi-Light When I designed my Doug Ritter Ultimate Aviator Survival Pak™ I needed a compact, very lightweight multipurpose LED flashlight/headlamp. After much searching, the light I settled on was the eQ Hands-Free Multi-Light™. I only wanted a couple changes. I wanted to use the same “twice-as-bright” LED as the Doug Ritter MkII Special Edition Photon Freedom Micro-light™ and I really didn’t like either of the standard case colors, black or dark blue. Yellow, easy to find if dropped, would be nice…The good news was they could give me what I wanted. The bad news; we would have to order a lot of them. Voilà! Another Doug Ritter Special Edition is born: the Doug Ritter Special Edition eQ Hands-Free Multi-Light™.

For full details about this new light, click here, but if you just want to order, click here to go to the order page on www.aeromedix.com.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Doug Ritter Special Edition eQ Hands-Free Multi-Light™ goes to support the non-profit Equipped To Survive Foundation.

Welcome To My Blog

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Doug RitterWelcome to my new Blog. A special thanks is owed to John Savage, an ETS Survival Forum participant, without whose help this would never have seen the light of day. I was ready to give up, quite frankly. Please give John a big virtual hand for his able and much appreciated assistance.

The concept of having this blog is to provide me a means to quickly and easily post brief gear reviews, news about new product introductions, press releases from manufacturers and associations relevant to survival, events, news, comments and thoughts on recent survival related news stories, etc. All to help keep content on ETS fresher. Full reviews are so time consuming that I don’t get nearly enough new stuff up on ETS as I would like, but this should allow me to spend an hour or two a couple or three times a week and get fresh content online, Plus, ETS will now be able to enter the “blogshere” and that will also hopefully reach a larger audience that might benefit from the information we provide on ETS.

For the time being, we have turned off comments, due to the very serious spam issues they generate, or high workload to avoid those issues. Discussion of blog items can be conducted on the ETS Survival Forum for the time being.